Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A couple last notes from the weekend-BPR

As I was going over my notes from the weekend there were a couple players that stood out that I forgot to mention, so here they are.

Mark Williams 2013 6'7" Benedictine/King James
     Another wide body down low for King James. Williams has a very solid frame and is a decent athlete. There were times when he couldn't be stopped down low this weekend, because of his size and strength. But also times were he might of settled a little too much against lesser defenders. He does have the skill to attack from 17' out and hit jumpers from there but he needs to make weaker defenders pay. Cleaned up the boards on both ends all weekend. Look for him to be King James main low post threat as the season goes on.

Brandon Peters 2016 5'8" Cleveland CC/TNBA
     The lefty was big time for TNBA all weekend. He is small but strong, and physically looks a couple years older. Has a quick first step which makes him very hard to stay in front of. Peters was able to get in the lane and make plays for his teammate or finish using his strength. Made some huge plays for TNBA especially when they took down the eventual champs Dorian's Pride in pool play. He will be attending the John Lucas camp this summer.

Matt Moyer 2016 6'2" VCC Ohio Warriors
     This big wing has a bright future ahead of him. He has the size but also the quickness and skill to get things done out of the perimeter. Has a nice handle on the ball for his size, which makes him a hard match up especially for his age. He has a smoothness to his game but sometimes can fade to the background. Knows how to use his size when getting to the rim and finishing. The next step for him is to keep improving his quickness and lateral movement so he can guard a 1 or 2 on defense. Was told that he is planning on going to Gahanna Lincoln next year but was not 100 percent sure.

Tyler Bybee 2016 6'2" Cleveland CC/TNBA
     A long wing, who showed he can get things done inside and out. He is quicker then most forwards his age and uses it to get to the rim. The lefty knocked down a couple 3's, showing he can make them but will just need to get more comfortable and consistent out there. He really uses his long arms and bounce to rebound offensively, and was quick at putting them back up and in. Will be one to watch as he continues to grow and mature.

Parrish Martin 2014 6'0" Alliance/SMAC
     Had a break out game Saturday afternoon against Ohio Varsity White, lead his team to a double overtime loss. He was outstanding all game long, finishing with 24 points. Has a lighting quick crossover, which he uses to create separation and hit the mid-range jumper. Isn't the tallest but is strong and quick. On his mid-range he does a good job of elevating so that he is hard to block. Was for the most part unknown coming into the weekend and sure did make a name for himself with his play. He will be one to keep an eye on as the spring goes on.

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