Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Motown Showdown 16u

The Family would take this championship over the IN Fire, Sunday afternoon. Here are a couple players that stood out in the division.

Darsean Woodson 2014 5'8" Pershing/REACH
     The lefty point controlled the tempo of the game and pushed in transition when the opportunity was there. Has a quick crossover and will continue to get better as he adds strength. He was able to grow and learn a lot playing behind Felder this past season, and it is paying off. Does a very good job of drawing fouls when getting to the rim, gets into the body of the big and still gets it up. he is one to keep an eye on as the summer goes on.

Dre Dentmond 2014 6'8" Lansing CC/Shot Doctor Elite
     Long and athletic, got after it on the boards all weekend. He is working on his perimeter game, sitting down and guarding guards and wings, along with handling the ball in the full court. Will most likely be a face up forward, and couple possible be a wing. Hit the three with some consistence, but sometimes spends to much time out there against lesser defenders. Time will only tell with him, has a lot of potential with his length, size and bounce.

Reynaldo Cheney 2014 6'9" Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills/Michigan Mustangs Blue
     Cheney has real nice size and length, and can be a very big impact when he uses it. Is constantly improving and starting to put everything together. Has a ton of potential and with time and more experience he could become dominate. Scores mostly in the lane, from drop offs and offensive rebounds, made a couple nice back to the basket moves but will still need to improve.

Leander Williams 2014 5'5" Northside (IN)/Indiana Fire
     A small but strong and explosive guard who made big plays for the runner-up IN fire. Had good body control when finishing at the rim. Was one of the main scorers for a short handed Fire team, was explosive when around the rim. Uses his muscle a lot, being physical even with taller guards.

Chuck Key 2014 6'4" Cass Tech/Michigan Mustangs
     Does his work from the mid-range area (15 ft) on in, and does it well. Knows where he is effective and does not try to play out of his game. Can hit the mid-range j with consistence. Made some nice moves on baseline, spinning away from defenders. Hit the boards hard. As he keeps expanding his game and skills he could end up as a dangerous wing with his size and frame.

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