Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Motown Showdown 17u

The best game of the tournament took place in the 17u semi-final between the Mustangs and The Family. These two very talented teams went at it, with the leading going back and forth for the majority of the game. The Family would prevail, 66-62. They would move on to beat Team Bolt by double digits in the championship game. Here are a couple of standout performers from this weekend at the Mustang Adidas Motown Showdown.

Jonathan Williams 6'3" Southfield Lathrup/Michigan Mustangs
     Was a big-time scorer all year for Lathrup and turned out a solid weekend. Really like his size and athleticism and when he becomes more comfortable with his new AAU team he will show how good he really can be. Hit a couple very nice step back 3's, showing he has the range to really stroke it from long. Could turn out to be a big time scorer for the Mustangs.

Wes Clark 2013 6'0" Romulus/The Family
     The explosive guard showed off his play making abilities in the full and half court, finding teammates for open shots. Clark has a tight and quick handle on the ball, but sometimes makes one too many moves when attacking and allows for help side defenders to come and help stop his drive. Uses his strength and off arm to get past defenders and score at the rim. Didn't have his greatest shooting day but when he gets going he can really stroke it from deep.

Kendahl Amerson 2012 6'2" Henry Ford/Franklin All-Stars
     Amerson showed he can score the ball in bunches, was in constant attack mode. Hit a number of quick pull-ups inside the arch. He is a quick, explosive and strong guard who loves creating contact and drawing fouls in transition. The plan for him is most likely prep school next year, not exactly sure which one, if not prep then JUCO.

Terron Ramsey 2013 6'6" Melvindale ABT/The Family
     Ran the floor hard and got easy lay ups. His position at the next level isn't exactly clear, having the size and athleticism to be a forward but his perimeter and mid-range game is getting better every time out which could move him out to the wing. Made some nice drives from the wing and elbow area. Was an active rebounder on both ends of the court and is able to guard multiple positions, with his size and good foot speed.

Fredrick "Boo Man" Edmond 2012 6'4" Lansing Eastern/Michigan Mustangs
     Will be taking a post grad year at a prep school, most likely outside the Midwest but it is not official. Is coming off a big HS season on the wing, which gave a lot of Michigan a first time to see how good he really is. Played a lot of forward this weekend because of all the talented guards on the Mustang but he can get away with it because of his athleticism and strength. He is an explosive athlete, who stays active and above the rim on the offensive glass. Doesn't have great form on his shot, shooting from the top of his head but he can hit some from deep. Look for him to continue to develop his J and his perimeter skills next year at prep school.

-The 16u and 15u division standouts will be posted very soon.
-I will also be at the Pitt Jam Fest next weekend, keep an eye out for nightly recaps all weekend. Also make sure you follow on twitter for daily news and scores from tournaments.

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